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Are all Massage Balls the "Same"

By now you probably seen someone using a Massage Ball. You might have seen them at your local gym, work place, or even at the air port. Probably thought what is this person doing, is there a benefit to it, and can you benefit from them as well. You might even thought they are using a ball, so any ball will work. Not really, you see a massage ball is another form of "Self Care". The MB targets blind spots, can be used on trigger points, loosen up superficial fascia/muscles, deep fascia/muscles, the goal is to keep your tissues healthy. There are so many out there and it really is a trial and error for each person. MB are used against the wall, on the floor, on a chair, anywhere you can have them supported. MB comes in so many varieties like: some are able to suction on the wall or a machine, tied with a string, a stick, or even come in pairs in a tote. I recommend the Roll Model Therapy Balls to my clients and I also sell them in house. What makes a "Great" MB is the texture of the ball. The RMTB have three significant features that make them incredibly effective: grippy, pliable, and portable. Grippy to take hold of your skin and the underlying superficial fascia and transition over to the deeper fascia/muscles. The balls' pliability creates a springy cushion as they roll up and over bony prominences. Portable so can easily throw them into your gym bag, carry-on, glove compartment, purse. The RMTB give you on-demand pain relief wherever you are.

FOAM ROLLERS: Many FR are too large and too hard to navigate around bony prominences, joint, or delicate tissues .

TENNIS BALLS: Harder, covered with fabric which makes them stick rather than grippy, not made to hold body weight and can burst easily and split at the seams.

LACROSSE BALLS: Has absolutely no yield, dense and hard and unable to conform to the bony structures they roll against. They do have a grippy layer like the RMTB, but can cause a bruise when going over the skin and bone.

GOLF BALLS: Slick, harder balls, they can do significant damage to soft and hard tissue. Great for the sole of the foot for deeper boney grooves. GB cannot absorb pressure so can cause lots of damage.

Make sure to keep the sports balls on the sports field and invest in a MB that is made for the body.

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