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Does the Massage Ball size.... "MATTER"

As people we're all not same and our pain is not the same. So why would we think that the same size of Massage Ball would work on both of us. Our body frame is so beautiful different and we should learn to love, heal, pay attention, connect, and put our health first. I recommend to my clients the "Roll Model Therapy Balls", because of the different size MB they have. My clients seem to ask, "How can I take this same massage on the go?" "How can I continue keeping my muscle tissue healthy at home, at work, on a business trip?" There are four sizes to the RMTB and the pressure you get from each one can relate to as if I was giving you a massage and putting pressure.

The Original Ball: ` is like a thumb compressing its way into your tissue.

The Plus Ball: is the pressure of my elbow working its way in.

The Alpha Ball: is like a pressure from my fist.

The Coregeous Ball: is like having a palm and hand take hold of a large sheet of tissue all at once.

I love using a single Original Ball for my feet, between my shoulders, back, delts, calves, and into the deeper muscles of my quads I use two in the tote.. The original and plus balls come in pairs and in a great tote that you can keep them loose or tight. The Plus Balls for my lats, hamstrings, back, and I also like to rest the bottom part of my skull on the pair for upper neck tightness. It is always a surprise to people when I tell them, "you can massage and roll out your abdominal muscles". The Coregeous Ball is every so gentle and with practice can loosen up a lot of hick ups around your diaphragm and abdominals. We tend to carry a lot of our stress and trama in a ab region, Also can help with back pain for some of our trigger points are around our belly button that cause the hip to hip back pain. The Alpha Ball is the big dog of them all, when you need that "get in there and release pressure" they have your back.

The RMTB has come to my rescue many times, you can pretty much find me at the gym 5-6 times a week. Trying to be one with the elliptical machines (not my fav) and of course the headphones and free weights. I can stretch after each workout from 30 mins to an hour and find myself back in the Tin Man Syndrome. As soon as I walk out the gym door all my muscles tense up again as if I had not stretch at all. (Have you felt like that as well? Tin Man Syndrome and feeling like you need oil to make your limbs move? I know I can get another muscle release when I go home or at work and being able to roll out my muscles in a deeper fashion gives me a lot of relief so I can tackle the rest of my day with muscle freedom. I always have a pair in my everyday bag, home office, living room, and of course work. All I need with them is a wall, floor, or chair to give me a 5 min relief that can last all day.

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