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Hot or Cold Packs.... When to use.....

When can we go through a day without some kind of pain some where in our bodies. Muscle Strain, Sprain, Back pain, Tendinitis, or Tendinosis and just wonder how can we just get a quick relief from this uncomfortableness. So frustrating for even me with what I put my body through, I always hear, "Cleo you must do age appropriate things now and stop thinking your are still in your twenties. (Boooooo) lol. As I mentioned in another post I loveeeeeee going to the gym, it is my happy place . I also was born with arthritis in both my knees and well I still lift. The pain is great and some times I need my knee joints to be heated up for I feel the cold in my bones like no other and next day I need ice behind my knee for the pain is to great too bend. So it is like clock work for me: Ice, Heat, and Massage Balls just so I can keep my muscles and bones moving or I become the Tin Man of stiffness.


*Constricts blood vessels which numbs pain

*Reduces inflammation & swelling

*Reduces Bleeding

++Gout Flare ups




*Bring more blood to the area

*Reduces Joint stiffness/ Muscles spasm

*Helps with muscles flexiblility



++Back Injuries

Just like a lot of things in this world, there is +++Caution+++.

Acute Injuries must seek your health care provider for more treatment options: broken bones, concussion, dislocated shoulder, fractures, ACL issues, and etc.

Chronic Injuries is pain that has lasted for longer than four weeks, or a much older injury or condition that has not resolved, can use HEAT

I would like to tell you that you will never fill pain of any kind. If you are alive you will fill something and pain is part of life. The next time you do, take time to stop and breathe and feel if your pain is Muscular, Structural, or Nerve Pain. By finding out what kind of pain will let you know if you need Hot, Cold, or Doctor.

******Do not place cold or heat packs longer than 10-15 mins, do not place straight on skin for you mind get a freezer burn or heat burn.

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