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2 Hr. Massage 

  • It is the supreme experience for those of you looking for that extra bit of attention on your bodies with Relaxation or Deep Tissue

Image by Ale Romo

90 Min. Massage

  • Provides relaxation and targeted muscle work.  You get a long enough time to get a full body massage while still giving trouble spots the extra attention they deserve.

60 Min. Massage

  • Full body or Half body----Provides relaxation and targeted muscle work.  The session is a great amount of time if you're looking for either a full body massage or to give some trouble spots the  thorough attention they deserve

Neck Massage

30 Min. Massage

  • This is typically focused on an area of complaint and does not include the whole body.  Limited on time, this Massage is great for addressing minor problem areas like tight shoulders, aching lower back, legs, or feet.

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